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Our Research

The continuum of acute care delivery in the United States includes pre-hospital, emergency, inpatient, and ambulatory care. Multidisciplinary, policy-relevant, health services research of acute-care utilization, quality, effectiveness, and outcomes requires consideration of how the healthcare delivery dynamics within one setting impact the care delivered in subsequent settings.

Through various completed, ongoing, and future projects the ACUTE Care Research Unit (ACRU) applies quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, and community-based participatory research to study intra and inter-setting dynamics and their impact on Access, Costs, Utilization, Transitions, and Effectiveness [ACUTE] Care.

ACRU Core Team

The Acute Care Research Unit includes but is not limited to members from the fields of nursing, social work, public health, public policy, law,  family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, critical care, general surgery, and psychiatry.

Mahshid Abir, MD, MSc


Jason Goldstick, PhD

Jason Goldstick, PhD


Amanda Kogowski, MPH

Amanda Kogowski, MPH


Sydney Fouche, MPH

Sydney Fouche, MPH

Research Associate

Wilson Nham

Wilson Nham, MPH, CAPM

Study Coordinator

Stuart Hammond, BS

Stuart Hammond, BS

Research Assistant

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