In Partnership with the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation

About ACRU

“I would especially commend the physician who,
in acute diseases by which the bulk of mankind are cut off,
conducts the treatment better than others.”

– Hippocrates
 Our Vision

To unify the delivery of acute care along its continuum through research and innovation.

 Our Mission

To improve Access, Costs, Utilization, Transitions and Effectiveness through multidisciplinary health services research across the acute care continuum that produces insights and strategies.

Access | Access to health services refers to a patient’s timely utilization of health services to achieve the best possible outcomes. This requires three things; finding a healthcare provider one can communicate with and trust; accessing a healthcare location where needed services are provided; gaining entry into the health care system. Access is essential for patients to receive timely care. 

Costs | Costs refers to direct or indirect resources associated with the delivery, purchase, and utilization of health-care. This is an essential component of determining best structures and processes for health policy and systems organization.

Utilization | Utilization is a patient or population’s use of healthcare resources. It is an essential component of access, cost, and efficiency.

Transitions | Transitions occur when patients move through a health system, the overall health services continuum, or between different providers and clinicians. Effective transitions of care are critical to ensuring improved outcomes. 

Effectiveness | Refers to how well treatments and interventions deliver desired outcomes. The goal of studying this area of acute care is to determine which care provides the best outcomes, for whom, and under what circumstances.

Key Unit Activities

Quarterly member meetings

to promote collaboration, present key policy issues and research priorities, discuss member ideas for proposals and discuss ongoing projects.

Identify intra- and extramural funding opportunities

pertinent to research foci of interest through the ACRU Rapid Response Team, and identify researchers from the University of Michigan and beyond who can competitively pursue such opportunities.

Quarterly student/trainee conferences

with medical/graduate students and residents/fellows to promote interest in acute care research and related policy issues.